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Feedback and Complaints

We are committed to continuous improvement, and so welcome your thoughts and experiences about our organisation, programs and people. 

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Delta Therapy Dogs (Delta) takes all compliments, complaints and general feedback about our services and staff seriously. We care about your experience and opinion of the services provided by Delta. Feedback offered to us by program beneficiaries, family members, carers, program partners, other organisations and members of the community is used to inform our planning, enhance our organisational performance, service delivery and client satisfaction, and build positive relationships with all stakeholders.


Your feedback within Delta will be managed:

  • With respect and sensitivity

  • Without prejudice or retribution to the complainant

  • In a timely way

  • In a culturally appropriate way

  • Responsively to special needs


Ways to provide feedback and complaints
We ask in the first instance that you always contact the member of the team who is involved, and seek to discuss the matter with them. If this is not possible you are welcome to contact Delta directly by:

  • writing to us via PO Box 221, Earlwood NSW 2206

  • calling us on 02 9797 9722;

  • emailing us via;

  • utilising our online contact form; or

  • using one of the methods above to request that a feedback form be mailed to you.

As our National Office personnel all work remotely we are unfortunately and sincerely sorry that we unable to welcome you in-person. 

Getting support to provide feedback and complaints

Delta is committed to ensuring everyone can access our feedback and complaints processes, and can therefore help arrange an interpreter or any other assistance you need to engage with us. Please utilise one of the contact methods above to let us know how we can help, or you may wish to contact a support service directly:

How we will work with you to provide feedback or a complaint

When receiving feedback it will be passed to an appropriate member of the team who will review the information provided and (if you provide us with your contact information) we will respond to you as soon as possible to confirm receipt. Where appropriate we will discuss with you the ways in which this feedback will inform improvements in our processes or programs. 

All complaints will be forwarded to the appropriate member of Delta's leadership team so that it can be assessed and investigated so that a resolution can be sought. Delta will acknowledge all complaints within 48 hours, and will provide you with necessary updates about the progress and outcome of a complaints investigation. 


Delta's Whistleblower Policy

Delta's Whistleblower Policy includes information about whistleblowing, and how Delta will respond to and investigate disclosures and protect whistleblowers.

A whistleblower is someone who “blows the whistle” or calls out corrupt, fraudulent or seriously unethical behaviour.  This is called “making a disclosure”. People who meet the legal definition of a “whistleblower” have legal protections, which mean that they cannot suffer any reprisals or negative consequences for being a whistleblower.

Someone wishing to make a disclosure should email the CEO directly or contact Delta via the means listed above and request that one of the organisations' other Eligible Recipients (those to whom protected disclosures can be made) make contact with you as a matter of urgency. 

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