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Delta Paws the Pressure

Would you like a Delta therapy dog to visit your workplace? 

Visits from our therapy dogs assist employee wellbeing, reduce stress and boost staff morale. Your staff will enjoy the positive interaction, social aspect and change in office mood during a therapy dog visit. Best of all, there’s no mess to clean up after!

We are happy to tailor a therapy dog visit to coincide with a team building exercise, an employee wellbeing day or discuss setting up a regular on-going office visiting program as part of “Paws the Pressure”.



1-2 therapy dog teams for 90 minutes $400

3-5 therapy dog teams for 90 minutes $600

If you require more than 5 dogs please contact us at

The charge for a Paws the Pressure visit can be paid as a donation and the money raised through a visit, ensures our community pet therapy program can reach those who need it most. Patients & residents in hospitals, aged care facilities, mental health units, palliative care, disability services, prisons and schools benefit from Delta therapy dog visits. 

'We were all thrilled to have Indy visit the Pareto Phone office for the first time today. Indy is a beautiful chocolate Labrador and lit up the room with her great energy. Thanks Delta Therapy Dogs and Joey for making our Friday even better!'  - Pareto Phone                                                                                                                                        

Delta Therapy Dogs brighten up the working day

"WITH fluff flying, a pack of eager and happy pups have been unleashed at Leader Community News’ head office in Blackburn.

Blackburn office.  an unusual sight in our glass building, especially at lunchtime.

One baffled employee says from afar: “What’s going on over there?”

As I meet the Delta volunteers in the ground-floor foyer staff members crowd around the pack of six dogs running around wearing red bandannas.

Delta Society Melbourne therapy dogs visit workplaces, aged care facilities, universities, mental health units, palliative care patients, disability services, prisons and schools." Read more

Register your business for a Paws the Pressure Therapy Dog visit.  

Delta Therapy Dogs as stress relievers on campus

Visits from our therapy dogs to universities and TAFEs assist students mental health – particularly during stressful exam time!

Each partnership will be tailored to suit the university or faculty & also take into account the availability of our therapy dogs. 


‘Having the dogs from Delta visit during study week was amazing! It was so nice to spend 2 hours interacting with the dogs. Everyone that was present looked really happy and I feel it was a great way for people to de-stress for a few hours. I would definitely recommend other university students playing with the dogs, as it really assisted me during a stressful exam period!’ - Tanaya, University of Sydney

‘I really enjoyed and appreciated the Delta Therapy dog visit to our student accommodation. With exams coming up it's been really stressful and hard to relax, on top of that I was very sick with chronic tonsillitis. A visit from the therapy dogs really cheered me up - I miss my own dog quite a bit, and they're just very lovely and loving animals. I was so sick I was only intending on staying for a few minutes, but going there made me feel a lot better so I ended up staying for over an hour'. - Luke, University of Sydney

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