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Delta Paws the Pressure

Would you like a Delta therapy dog to visit your workplace? 

Our Paws the Pressure program offers organisations a unique staff wellbeing experience. 

Visits from our therapy dogs reduce stress and boost staff morale. Staff at all levels and from different areas will enjoy coming together over a positive discussion topic. There is even scientific evidence that interaction between humans and dogs enhances problem solving! Best of all, there’s no mess to clean up afterwards.

Paws the Pressure therapy dog visits can be tailored to coincide with:

  • A period of organisational change
  • A team building exercise
  • An employee wellbeing day or other workplace event  

Alternatively, talk to us about setting up a regular office visiting program.


Here's what employees have to say about a Paws the Pressure visit:

'We were all thrilled to have Indy visit the office for the first time today. Indy is a beautiful chocolate Labrador and lit up the room with her great energy.         Thanks Delta Therapy Dogs for making our Friday even better!" - Staff member, Pareto Phone 

"We had the best time. Norman especially was a hit and is now being spoken about in the halls with great affection. Antar was also a beautiful, gentle boy.    Such a wonderful initiative and we are sure we will do it again."  - Claire, Law Society of NSW

"It was a great way for us to continue to place emphasis on how all of us can and should manage wellbeing." -Elizabeth, ASIC 

"Maybe we need to have a 'bring your fur kids to work day'. I was on a high for the rest of the afternoon!" - Staff member, Sydney University



Visit locations

Delta therapy dog teams are available for visits in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart and some regional centres.


How many therapy dog teams do you need? 

Up to 50 attendees: 1-2 therapy dogs

More than 50 attendees: 3-5 dogs (or more for very large events)



1-2 therapy dog teams for 90 minutes:  $400  

3-5 therapy dog teams for 90 minutes:  $600

If you require more than 5 dogs please contact us at

The charge for a Paws the Pressure visit can be paid as a tax deductible donation. Money raised through a visit supports Delta's therapy dog program in hospitals, aged care facilities, mental health units, palliative care, disability services, prisons and schools around Australia.

Register your organisation for a Paws the Pressure Therapy Dog visit.                                                                                                       


Delta Therapy Dogs on campus

Our therapy dogs are regular visitors to  universities and TAFEs around Australia  to support students' mental health and wellbeing, particularly during stressful exam periods. Visits can also be planned to coincide with tertiary open days or other campus events. 

Here's what students say: 

"Having the dogs from Delta visit during study week was amazing! It was so nice to spend 2 hours interacting   with the dogs. Everyone that was present looked really happy and I feel it was a great way for people to de-stress for a few hours. I would definitely recommend other university students playing with the dogs, as it really assisted me during a stressful exam period!" - Tanaya, University of Sydney

"The dogs were so cool. I am really missing my dog and my family and this really helps a lot."  - Student, Torrens  University.

"I really enjoyed and appreciated the Delta Therapy dog visit to our student accommodation. With exams coming up it's been really stressful and hard to relax, on top of that I was very sick with chronic tonsillitis. A visit from the therapy dogs really cheered me up - I miss my own dog quite a bit, and they're just very lovely and loving animals. I was so sick I was only intending on staying for a few minutes, but going there made me feel a lot better so I ended up staying for over an hour." - Luke, University of Sydney

Register your Campus for a Paws the Pressure Therapy Dog visit.


For more information about our Paws the Pressure program, contact us at or

telephone (02) 9797 7922


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June 20, 2017