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Lyn and Harriet

Type of dog:

Minature Poodle




RSL Retirement Village Rowes Bay


Since October 2010

Hello, my name is Harriet, and even though I say so myself, I am a gorgeous looking champagne coloured miniature Poodle.

I live with my adoptive brother, Pierre, a silver Toy Poodle - (not too smart), at home with my "mother". Pierre is my very best friend.  I enjoy his company and we play a lot but he can sometimes be a bit "dumb" (sssh! I'm not allowed to say that!), as he is nervous and often fails to join me when I feel mischief needs to be accomplished.

But, I am a Delta Dog - Pierre isn't!! 

Once a week I proudly don my red bandanna and visit so many lovely men and women in the R.S.L. Retirement Village at Rowes Bay in Townsville. This I have done for almost 4 years, and I am still as popular as I was when I was a young Rookie.

I have many admirers, and unfortunately, a few people who say they don't want to see me - can you imagine that? My mother Lyn, talks to all the residents we visit and I greet them with my ever wagging tail (which I "wag" in profusion just to make them happier and laugh more!).

So many exciting things happen during our visit, and morning tea is one of the highlights.  I try so hard to bump in to the trolley in the hope that a biscuit may be dislodged, but so far have only one success. That success was short lived as the iced cake which I had deservedly won, and which rolled accidently right next to my front paws was removed just as quickly as I grabbed it.  I always thought I was quick! With such a disappointment I had to resort to the wastepaper basket and the ever waiting tissues which again I was refused.

As I said before, most people just can't help loving me. Some residents, usually men, are a bit rough, and insist on me sitting on their lap.  As so many of these men have the contents of their shirts taking up most of the room on their laps, I have very little room to sit. My Mom has to hold me to prevent me sliding off. These men also grab me a little harder than I would like, they rub my ears, pat my back like they are applauding an over exuberant stage show, while I have to pretend I am enjoying this.

I visit the high care units, the Cottages, and sometimes the ladies who love me in the Independent living quarters. The Cottages are a secure unit which as well as housing some lovely people, also house a big grey CAT. I know exactly where this cat sleeps all day which is something the residents don't know. I love to chase it out from behind the lounge chair and feel this evacuation of the day is a chore I just HAVE to complete before moving on.

But recently, I had one of my greatest achievements. I knocked over a visitor's coffee cup. Yes, it spilt all over the floor.  Absolutely delicious with just the right amount of sugar before the tissue box could be produced I had completely cleaned the floor - why don't more people place their cups under their chairs on the floor?

I would recommend any other gorgeous members of the doggie kingdom who are looking for pats and the praises they so rightfully deserve, join the Delta team.  I'm sure you too will receive the love and attention that I, and the other important members of my team thoroughly enjoy.

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