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Marlene and Clifton

Type of dog:

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel




Sherbrooke Private Nursing Home


Since June 2012

On Tuesday of each week we get ready a brush, eyes cleaned, and then the Delta Bandanna goes on. Clifton gets very excited when he sees me with the Bandanna and knows it is time for the visits with the residences.

Clifton amazed me one day with a resident called Gwen.  Gwen was always very quiet and softly spoken, Clifton went to her quickly, jumped up on to her bed and sat beside her.  There was something special about this lady, he would just stay with her for 15 minutes or so until I took him down. 

We talked about her favourite football team Richmond she loved Richmond.

I decided to take a photo of Clifton with a Richmond hat on and give it to her. Well she was thrilled and posted it on her wall along with the Christmas card I made with him in it.

Clifton and Gwen had a bond so strong he wouldn’t leave her in those last weeks.

Stayed beside her also on her lap many times just for a cuddle and comfort, loved it when she was able to sit in the lounge room as he would sit on her walker and wouldn’t leave.

The day was so near to her passing and arrived at her room not expecting to see what I did. Clifton jumped up beside her and sniffed her face, she woke for a second and touched his head and said I LOVE YOU and then closed her eyes again, she was in a very bad way but still felt Clifton’s presence with her it moved me to tears he was so gentle with her and seemed to know she was frail.

Dorothy is another favourite of his but she is very sleepy and he wakes her up all the time for a pat, she loves him but forgets he’s been there so we just laugh together, it’s been a year now with her not remembering until he arrives.

Pam is the latest lady friend he seems to run too for a cuddle and she LOVES it lets him on the bed and never wants to leave her.

I have found our visits fulfilling, rewarding, happy and sad at the same time.

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