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Kevin and Grace

Type of dog:

Border Collie




Eliza Purton Home


May 2015

4 year old Border Collie, Gracie has been visiting Eliza Purton Nursing Home in Ulverstone, Tasmania for almost a year now. This is a 96 bed nursing home providing support to people of all ages who require full-time care.

Gracie really looks forward to our visits and as she is only four years old, she is full of beans. Many of the residents treat her as an honoured guest with some even purchasing doggy treats for her. Strict rationing has to occur otherwise Gracie, who is a "guts" will become a black and white hippopotamus!

With 96 residents it is hard to see them all and usually takes three or four visits to do the total round.  As with all of us we have our favourites! Ruth is definitely one of these, as you can see Gracie has made herself comfy on her bed and always gets five minutes of our time.  EP also has a special locked dementia ward and we always call in there on each visit, as Gracie seems to share a special bond with these patients.

I would like to say that joining Delta Therapy Dogs has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. The satisfaction we get from the outward showing of pleasure and joy from the residents at EP is immense, and also humbling, as you realise that you are the cause of this pleasure and joy.

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