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Elle and Fletcher

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Northpark Private Hospital


March 2016


It’s me, Fletcher, the star of the show!  I have been a Delta dog for 2 years now and have been fortunate enough to spend every Friday morning at Northpark Private Hospital. 

I have a very special job… to make people smile.  I know I am doing a great job because one day a lovely patient welcomed me with open areas and proceeded to tell my Mummy that she hadn’t smiled since last time she saw me. 

Just last week Mummy and I were waiting to go into the ward and a patient came over to us.  She lent down to me and said “you don’t know what you did for me Fletcher” and she gave me a big kiss! Ellee

I absolutely love what I do, and I know Mummy feels the same, combining me with helping others is just the pawfect combination.  All the patients are so lovely; they throw my ball to me and I perform tricks and this makes them smile, laugh and sometimes when I’m really impressive they clap!  I now pride myself of being some sort of expert in determining who needs me the most and more often than not I am right.  I basically give them a full time job throwing the ball to me and the frown has literally turned upside down by the time it’s time to go home.  

We can’t wait to continue to make a difference!

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