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Janina and Pepper

Type of dog:

Border Collie




Melbourne Health - Northern Psychiatric Unit


March 2016

Last Tuesday, I walked into the hospital entrance and there was a lady sitting and of course her face lit up as soon as she saw Pepper and I or well more Pepper I think.
Anyway I walked over and asked her if she would like to pat Pepper, of course she wanted to. We chatted away and the guy next to the lady gave Pepper a pat too but didn't say much. The lady then had to go and I said, yes we have got some patients to visit too.
The young guy that was sitting there then stood up and said to me: "Can I ask you something?" "Of course you can" I answered. "Are you from Germany?" "Yes I am" and he said "Me too" after some quick small talk he continued "...I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate what you are doing. It made my day.
A few months ago I had an accident and lost my hand. It was amputated here at this hospital and it's been very hard for me. A month ago I couldn't even get anywhere near the hospital so I started therapy.
I now come here to get closer and closer to the theater room where it all happened. My therapist told me to stay until I feel good then leave and today was a very good day because you walked in with your dog.
Thank you very much. I can leave now."
This was by far my best dog therapy moment in the 2 years I've been doing this! I nearly cried when I walked away.


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