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Julie and Stormy

Type of dog:

Golden Labrador




Villa Maria Centre


June 2014

Stormy is 7.5. She was a rescue dog from the Brisbane Floods. Initially I took her as a volunteer carer for 6 weeks, she is still with me.

I like well trained dogs, so I spent time training her and it was easy, she is so well behaved.

A friend who had a Delta Therapy dog suggested we look at Delta work based on Stormy’s temperament.  She is superb with all people and kids.

We volunteer weekly at Villa Maria Aged care, Fortitude Valley. Until recently we also visited St James College, Spring Hill.

Stormy even gets rewarded to for her good behaviour!!!

Do you have a good dog but maybe nees a little more training why not visit our Delta Institute to find a trainer in your area that can help you to join the program.  For information on what your dog needs to do visit here.

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