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Deborah and Murphy

Type of dog:

King Charles Cavalier x Poodle





May 2018

Being a newbie can be a little daunting, but Murphy who started out as a therapy dog this year has learnt a few things along the way.

Today, Murphy’s therapy dog team shares three tips that helped him start out with Delta and could help someone starting a new job, learning something for the first time, or just starting a new week.

Murphy the Therapy Dog

1. Simply start

When Murphy first began his journey as a therapy dog and was waiting for a facility match, he started out his Therapy Dog journey by making Paws the Pressure visits.

The Paws the Pressure program provides the perfect opportunity to experience the work of a therapy dog in short and fun visits in a variety of environments. This worked really well with Murphy’s personality (he loves to meet new people) and he visited some exciting places like a university, a library, and an open plan office with lifts.

The best part was that everyone was excited to meet Murphy making it easy do his job of decreasing the stress levels of hardworking students and office workers.

Tip: Pick any starting point to help you feel connected.

2. Make friends

Murphy also visits an aged care home every fortnight and meets many people from different backgrounds. He’s made friends with a few residents, such as Luisa who’s always had a dog as a companion and greets Murphy fondly each time; Phil who has a stash of pressure balls that he loves to share with Murphy, and Maria who like Murphy enjoys sitting on the balcony in the sunshine.

Murphy has found something in common with each of them and now they all look forward to meeting each other for every visit.

Tip: Find friend, share something in common, and learn together.


3. Find a way that works for you

As a relatively young Delta Therapy Dog of 2 years old, Murphy is full of energy and excitement, plus there’s so much inspecting (ie. sniffing) to be done. To help settle in, Murphy often goes on a walk before meeting his clients and arrives earlier to get to know the lay of the land.

This prepares him for lots of pats and excited greetings at new visits and when he meets his regular residents at the aged care home.

Tip: Create the space that helps you thrive and do a good job.


We hope you found these tips useful and found out a bit more about the work of a Delta Therapy Dog.

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