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Les and Leah

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Cardinal Freeman Nursing Home


Since October 2006

It is difficult to state one reason that we do this work. I guess it began when an old mate of mine went into a hostel and I would take Leah to visit him and in doing so could see the pleasure it gave him and the people that lived with him. It was after this that I applied to Delta.

It gives me pleasure to speak with the older people and to hear the life stories that have made our country. I also enjoy the smiles on their faces as Leah walks up to them and places her head near their hand to allow them to pat her.

Leah is a greyhound and the people often relate their experiences with these dogs, either as a racing dog or as a feature in their suburb or town during their younger days. They seem to get a great pleasure to be able to pat, kiss and hold her. The staff always enjoy her visit as I feel that it lifts their day as they see people come to life and talk of their past. The staff are always kind and line up to pat her.

One time  I was walking up to a bed when the Matron said "Ken is blind and he does not ever show emotion - his face never changes". We walked up to the bed and spoke to the man but he failed to answer or show any sign that he knew we were next to him. I placed my arm on the bed and called Leah to jump up on a section of the bed so the man could feel her. The moment he felt the fur and rubbed her side he smiled and continued to do so.  After that for every visit the staff would crowd around to see this man smile.

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