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Susan and Lucy

Type of dog:

Border Collie




Jamison Gardens


Since November 2005

I thoroughly enjoy my volunteer work as it brings so much joy to the residents and their families, and it is also excellent training for my dog.

I love seeing the joy on the faces of the residents each and every week, knowing that I am making a huge difference to peoples’ lives and using the visit to show off my perfectly behaved dog.

Lucy loves the food – the people – the attention – everything! She cries with joy in the car on the way to the facility each week. She knows the routine of which rooms and the order to visit. Sometimes I feel that I am just the driver and the person who can reach the keypad.

One day I took Lucy in to say goodbye to one of her all-time favourites - a woman who loved Lucy and saw her every week for three years. She would often hide a biscuit under her blanket ready for Lucy. I could see that she was failing and on the day she passed away Lucy did ‘paws up’ on her bed and gave her a little lick on her hand. I knew Gladdie knew Lucy and I were there, and she peacefully passed away a couple of hours after we said goodbye. We still miss her dreadfully. 

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