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Susan and Rosie

Type of dog:

Border Collie X




Summitcare Penrith


November 2005

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Getting old is not for the faint hearted. Susan tells us: I took this nice photo of one of the residents with Rosie and showed the photo to him the next week. “Is that Rosie with the old chap down the corridor? He has a bed cover like mine”.

Poor Bob did not recognise himself as “the old chap” and honestly thought it was someone else. “Am I that old” he said. His daughter and I had a bit of a giggle trying to explain to him that it was him - it was not someone else in his clothes, in his seat, next to his bed.

Life can be cruel when the brain does not age in synch with the body, thankfully Bob’s mind is very good and he so enjoys Rosie’s visits each week (with a stash of Schmackos in the bottom drawer ready for her treat).

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