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Melinda Farrell joins Delta Society as new CEO

Melinda Farrell has been appointed into the new role of CEO of Delta Society as part of a renewed strategic direction for Australia’s pioneering pet therapy not-for-profit organisation and dog training educational institute.

"We’re thrilled to welcome Melinda to Delta. We see so much potential in Delta Therapy Dogs and the Delta Institute and we're excited to work with Melinda to touch even more people around Australia with a helping paw and spread the message about the importance of positive reinforcement training far and wide." – Hannah Stenning, Deputy Chair Delta Society Board.

Melinda joins the Delta Society and Delta Institute leadership teams to steer the organisation’s growth and development and brings with her a wealth of experience in the not-for-profit community sector.

After a decade as CEO for The Humour Foundation, Melinda understands the therapeutic benefits of empathy-driven connection and Delta’s mission of changing the lives of Australians with the power of pet therapy and the value of the animal-human bond.

“I’m honoured and excited to be joining the Delta team as CEO. I have been a fan of Delta’s work for a long time, so to have the opportunity to lead Delta in achieving its mission is a great privilege. I look forward to working with Delta’s staff and volunteers to continue their important work and deliver a positive impact for the people we connect with around Australia” - Melinda Farrell, CEO Delta Society

Melinda has a proven track record of leading growth in an organisation, fundraising and corporate partnerships; all with a commitment to quality of service for the community and stakeholders.

“Together with the staff and volunteers of Delta Society, I am excited to welcome Melinda to the team. The increase in demand for our programs demonstrates that Australians whole-heartedly embrace animals in their lives. Businesses understand the importance of managing stress for their employees; aged care facilities and hospitals are encouraged by the outcomes from interactions with our dogs. We’re also finding dog owners are seeking information on how to train their pet using positive methods; all of which Delta has been delivering for over 22 years. Our potential as an organisation has grown and with Melinda’s guidance and wisdom we look forward to an exciting future.” Hollee James, General Manager Delta Society.

For further information about Delta Society and Delta Institute contact our National Office on 9797 7922 or and

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